• About
    As a leading innovator of online retail, Etop Holdings has 6 years' experience. We specialized in Footwear E-commerce, and rank NO. 1 in Tmall Global.
  • Our Story


    Etop Holdings was established.


    Etop has cooperated with more than 100 international brands, and developed a strategic partnership with competitive global suppliers abroad.


    Etop is the ONLY e-commerce operator which has expanded the retail business into ALL platforms in China.


    At the biggest e-commerce festival (Double 11), the daily turnover of individual store reached 10,000,000 RMB.


    Sunspeedy warehouse & logistics company was established in HK. The turnover of Nov.11 broke through 12,000,000 RMB.


    Other branches including Etop Partner, E-sale, and 120 Marketing Consultancy were established. Etop was also invited to become "TP by Alibaba". In the same year, Etop generated daily turnover of 25,000,000 RMB.

    Our Values

    -An Expansive Reach

    Top retailer on Taobao and Tmall with 6+ years experience, as well as a leading seller on JD, Vip, Jumei, Dangdang etc.

    -A Partnership as Unique as Your Brand

    Through collaboration with you, we’ll work together to grow your brand based on your vision and goals.

    -Let's Grow Together

    ETOP has been firmly committed to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships since day one. Not only do we stand behind your brand, we genuinely want you to succeed.
  • Online
    We supply e-commerce solutions covering all platforms which include Tmall, TaoBao, JD,Dang dang, VIP.com, Mei.com, Jumei, Kaola, Xiaohongshu etc.
  • Tmall Global Description

    Launched in Feb 2014, an innovative solution to overseas brands and retailers to expand business into China.

    -443 million Active consumers
    -20 million Comments

    -Sharing on the mobile TAOBAO  everyday

    Esong - Our self-owned Tmall Global store

    -integrated famous shoes brands
    -1,000,000 + members
    -Precision marketing

    Total revenue from 2011 to 2016 created
    1,062,500 pairs

    All E-commerce Platforms Sales Promotion

    As a Tmall top seller, we have access to exclusive services. Our strategically-planned campaigns have proven effective at reaching millions of target customers.

  • Tmall
    Etop partner, invited to be "TP by Alibaba“ in 2016, have the right to invite foreign merchants with high quality to enter into China market and provide one-stop cross-border e-commerce operation services.
  • Cases - Spartoo

    Spartoo, Etop's partner, one of the most famous online platform in Europe and with its T-MALL shop opened on Dec.2016.

    Cases - Ruzeshoes

    Ruzeshoes, Etop's partner, a leading Internet retailer of men's shoes with more than 20 international brands with its T-MALL shop opened on 1st August 2016.

    Creative Services

    -Operating Planing
    -Store Entry Service
    -Store Decoration
    -Store Daily Operation
    -Marketing and Promotion
    -Customer Service
    -Data Analysis
    -Brand E-marketing
    -Logistics and Warehousing

  • Marketing&

    120 Marketing Consultancy
    with team members from Ogilvy
    providing intergrated branding & marketing services

  • Our Purpose

    We could help overseas brands to enter into China market, also effectively communicate the value of the products to enhance the brand recognition in China.

    Our Services


    Business development, business promotion strategy, (online & offline)marketing & business plans.

    -Traditional marketing

    Corporate identity, branding, public relations


    Graphic design, media buying

    -Internet Marketing

    Website creation, Search Engline Optimization(SEO),Social Media, Onlline press releases, marketing in TMALL.

    Our Cases

    Ajoy Sahu

    An affordable luxury designer brand from England focusing on creating unique new structure footwear for ladies.
    TMALL shop opened on 28th Aug.2016.

  • Distribution E-Sale
    More than 100 online shops
    Covering all online channels

    -The biggest B2C & C2C  ecommerce platform in China.
    -Belong to Alibaba, the largest    E-commerce  company in the  world.
    -Active Users: 443 millioon
    -Packages Delivered Every Day:   40 million
    -Gross Merchandise Volume:  $485 billion


    -The biggest flash sale site in the  world and the No.1 flash sale site  in China.
    -Partnered with 13,000 well-known  domestic and global vendors and  suppliers.
    -Authentic products, unparalleled  shopping experience and  unbeatable price.


    -offers a wide selection of  authentic, high- quality Chinese  products at competitive prices.
    -provide cutting-edge technology  and services to its partners and  customers.
    -more than 200 million active  users

  • Warehousing&
    Sunspeedy Logistics Company
    Based in Hong Kong
  • Assisting ETOP Business & Undertaking E-commerce Business

    Logistics and Warehousing

    Cross-border logistics, warehousing service, courier services, system support.

    Processing Facilities & Shipping

    Our processing facilities allow us to provide you with shipping & packaging options. The Etop team is available to share shipping best practices and answer any questions regarding this process.

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  • Enquires

    Email: info@etopholdings.com
    Facebook: @Etop Holdings Group

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    We’re always on the hunt for new brands that match well with our market and mission. Just contact us, and we will be in touch!

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